1 March 2011 @ 8:55pm

So Gwen is currently in second place in the Fandom March Madness prelims.

Which is pretty amazing considering last year. BUT, do you know what would be even MORE amazing?

If our girl won.

So please, please, PLEASE vote for Gwen.

If you don’t watch Merlin or don’t care either way, I know we’d be incredibly grateful for your vote. I have no pretty graphics with which to convince you, but I think this fantastic fanvid made my kaydeefalls pretty much says it all, as does this glorious picspam by starry_laa (as she so aptly puts it, Gwen’s the glue that holds this entire freaking city together). And let’s not forget kepp0xy's Gwen character study and analysis, if you’re interested in knowing just whom you’re voting for!


  1. allstartstofade said: I voted for Gwen!
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